FARSÁLI Unicorn Essence Review

Ever since I started seeing this product pop up in people’s makeup tutorial videos I’ve been curious to try it. I was never really sure what it was I just knew that everyone was for the most part applying it before they applied their makeup. I figured it was some sort of primer, but I was hesitant about trying it because of my oily skin. I’m careful about liquids because it has to be water based otherwise my face is going to be an oily mess by the end of the day. For the last few months (I hope I don’t jinx it) my skin has been amazing. I have not had to use my blotting wipes at all. So needless to say I don’t want anything to mess with my non oily streak.


I decided to look into the product a little more because my Sunday Riley primer is slowly running out. That’s when I learnt that it was a water based formula and that it promotes healthy skin and tone. It’s main purpose is to prep skin for makeup application. I was slightly skeptical that it would do anything just because it’s so hyped up on social media. I wasn’t sure if it was truly worth the hype because the description really doesn’t make it seem like it’s that amazing. I mean the name unicorn essence is cool, but I’m not going to try a product just because of the cool name. But I decided to give it a go.

I found out that Sephora is selling mini versions of FARSÁLI products, which I think is great because the full sized ones are a little pricey. I could have just gotten a sample of the product, but figured if I really didn’t like it I would just return it.


The first thing I noticed after opening the bottle is that this serum smells amazing! It’s made from fruit so I guess that makes sense, but wow it smells good! The next thing is that it’s this really nice shade of pink, which I guess is why it’s called Unicorn Essence. So I bet you’re all waiting to find out if I liked it and whether I kept it, and the answer is yes! I can’t imagine applying my makeup without it. There’s no going back now. Since starting to use it my makeup has been flawless. It looks the same from when I put it on to at night when I take it off. I just dribble a few drops into my hand and then pat it into my face, then I apply my moisturizer as usual, and then continue with my makeup routine.

So if you haven’t have a chance to try this product yet I highly recommend that you do. As a usual oily skin person I swear that this product does not make me oily and I stay matte throughout the day, which of course as I’ve said before is the ultimate goal! 🙂

Has anyone with oily skin tried the Rose Gold Elixir serum? How did you find it? I’m nervous to try it because I read that it’s oil based instead of water.




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