November Project Pan

I’m going to start with the hauls for the month because I got a bunch of new stuff. My birthday was on November 4th so they were all gifts, including a gift or three from me to me.  I also made an order from the Sephora sale but I didn’t get them yet so that will be a post for another time.

I’m so grateful for all the stuff that I got but as I was trying to figure out where to put everything, it really made me realize just how much stuff I have. I don’t plan on asking for any beauty products for Christmas and I don’t plan on buying anything else for myself for as long as I can hold out… or until I run out of something that I need!

I desperately need to finish some things so I can have a little more room and not waste what I have. On the bright side, I managed to finish off another nail polish and I made some progress on two others! Here are my empties for the month, 10 in total which is great!

This is everything I plan on finishing off this year, I know the mascara will be done in another week or two and the body butter won’t last too much longer either. Most of these are samples which I think is realistic for me to work through as long as I remember to use them.

Here is the body butter from The Body Shop, can you believe that is my first ‘pan’ ever? I was so excited when I saw it!!

Some nail polish progress. I think I’m going to switch out the colours though because they aren’t exactly fall/winter ones.

Some small lip product progress was made. I’m hoping to finish at least one of them. The Lipstick is the perfect fall/winter colour so I should make some decent progress on it.

I’ve been using the eye shadow trio on the right but I didn’t feel like I was making any progress. I remembered my other trio that I barely used and pulled it out to see a difference and I’m glad I did! It definitely made me feel better though it’s a little hard to see it in the picture.

I finished off my perfume last month so this is the one that I’ve been working on. It’s Victoria’s Secret Love Struck. It’s a lot stronger but that’s better for the winter. It is also a lot smaller so it shouldn’t take me forever to finish this time!

As I mentioned earlier I just have an overwhelming amount of stuff right now so I plan on doing an inventory. I have no idea where to start though so I’m going to put it off a little longer.

Do you guys have any suggestions on how to do this inventory? How do you guys do it?



10 thoughts on “November Project Pan

  1. I’ve tried all methods. I have a hand written list of every product (name & color) by category. I have an excel spreadsheet with even more information (price, when purchased, notes etc). And I also have made blog posts about each section. Honestly, it’s whatever works best for you. I think the excel sheet is the best way to have more information at hand (would you repurchase, was it a sample or full size etc) it’s also quick to update without having to write an entire new list. You can also tally up $$ totals this way.

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  2. I count inventory by category. All the perfumes, body lotions, face powders, lipsticks. I did a blog post for each category and took pictures of everything. I have 47 nail polishes. It really is eye opening and sobering. I never need to buy a nail polish again. I have every color I need.

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      1. I felt overwhelmed at first as well, but then I realized all the money I was saving afterwards. I don’t feel the need to buy anything when I know that I am fully stocked for a long long time. I haven’t spent a penny on any bath or body product on myself this year or a nail polish or a perfume.

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