Week 3

So this week has been a bit tougher with miss Nora Grace. I finally know what exhaustion feels like, and my entire body aches. From my burning eyes, to my achy boobs to my sore knees from laying wrapped around my daughter in a fetal position for too long. My wrists hurt from butt tapping too much and I can’t tell if my back hurts from the epidural or from holding the baby. But gosh has it been one amazing week.

Nora has given me the wonderful experience these past few days to get to know her just a little more. She has spent more time awake, has started discovering her voice (she finally started crying! Like actual cries!) and needs to be soothed a different way every time she wants to take a nap. She has decided that she no longer wants to sleep in a cradle position but up on my chest instead. To get her calm I must try everything from rubbing her face to walks around the house late at night. We have created many combinations of butt tapping and rubbing, or walking and singing. I’m getting good at doing two different things with each hand, I must say. This has all been worth it though because this little bundle of joy has started recognizing her momma. She turns her head at my voice, and cries when she’s been away for too long. What an incredible feeling when she settles down the moment she’s in my arms.

Even though amazing, this has proven to be a bit difficult as I can’t hold her every minute of every day even though I would like to. We have successfully tried baby-wearing and gosh what a life saver that is! Or so I thought. Once I have two hands free, I get kind of lost and don’t know what to do with myself. Like what did I do before her? I tried reading a book but just got too distracted watching her sleep. I think I spend WAY too much time watching her sleep. But she just looks so peaceful and it reminds me what a miracle she is. I created this. ME. My body.

I do know I have to start taking the time to do other stuff though. I would love to get back into my bullet journal and start including baby stuff. I do take at least 10 minutes to myself every night and hop in for a nice hot shower while Nora spends some quality time with her Daddy or her Grammy. I must admit though, I can’t wait to get her back. I dread the day where I have to go back to work, or get her babysat for a whole day. How can I be without her every second? It breaks my heart thinking about it. I am currently in a different room from her writing this, and I’m straining my ears so much anticipating her waking up to feed, that they are starting to hurt.

They say parenthood comes with heartbreak but gosh this momma is not ready and never will be.

What lullabies do you sing to your babies? Currently my LO has only heard me sing my favorite country songs…



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