Nora Grace

So in my last post I barely talked about the baby I actually delivered and I think it was because I wanted to get all the boring stuff out of the way. All the same questions you get asked over and over again. So now it’s time to brag. 

Nora Grace was born on October 22, 2017 at 12:34pm weighing 8lbs 2oz and measuring 21 inches long. She is now almost 3 weeks old and god I just love her so much. 

I don’t know where the time has gone though. I spend my days breastfeeding, changing diapers and staring disbelieavingly at a tiny human that I created. She consumes my entire mind, at all times. My life has now become hers. When people say they don’t know what life was before bearing a child, I now understand them. 

People keep telling me how lucky we are as first time parents because we have a very easy baby. She rarely cries and sleeps 4 hours stretches at a time. She (so far) has an easy going temperament, and she loves to sleep with her legs crossed. She hates being covered in a blanket and loves being in her car seat. She adores bath time, and won’t take a suce.

I could go on and on about how perfect she is and all the things she loves/hates but I guess this is how every parent feels. There is no emotion to describe how amazing it is.

On “harder” days, (I say this because besides being over tired, they’re not that hard yet), or on days where I simply don’t want to put her down, I try and remind myself that there will come a day that she will no longer want to be held. There will come a day where she won’t need to be rocked to sleep, or she’ll push my hand away when I try and rub her face. I won’t be able to kiss her everytime I get the urge to, and she won’t like getting her bum tapped anymore. Now those I think will be the hard days. Even though these thoughts sadden me, I no longer feel quilty holding her for that much too long, or letting her sleep in my bed. And I will continue to not feel guilty as she gets older, because I want to hold my baby as much and as long as I possibly can. For when she gets to be a big girl and all these memories came back, I don’t want to regret any moment of it. 

Any other moments I should be savouring before she gets to be too big?



One thought on “Nora Grace

  1. Let her do tummy time on your chest. My little boy used to do it and then bob for my boobs for a snack. It was like a person bobbing for apples. He would blindedly bob until he found what he wanted. There is nothing like watching your baby’s head hit your boob repeatedly. It sounds mean but he had a lot of fun. It was all in good fun. It was like a game.

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