Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo & Conditioner Review


Same brand as the last Whole Blends I reviewed a couple months ago, but a completely different scent and effect! As much as I liked the Green Apple & Green Tea scent you do get sick of scents eventually, and because I knew I liked the brand already I had no issues switching up the scent this time.

This time I got the Moroccan Argan & Camellia Oils scent, which according to the bottle is supposed to provide intense nourishment for a lustrous shine. Within a few hair washings I definitely noticed that my hair was a lot softer, and that the natural colouring of my hair seemed brighter. I’ve always liked the scent of Moroccan Oil, so I knew I would like this scent. It leaves my hair smelling amazing up until the day that I have to wash my hair. I swear if my hair didn’t need to be washed every two days because of grease you would never know that it was due for a washing because it smells so fresh.

I feel like I can’t go wrong with the Whole Blends collection. So far both scents have been great, and both sets have done what the bottles claim to do. My hair minus a few split ends (due for a trim in a few weeks) a really healthy. I’ll stick to the Moroccan Oil scent a few more times before switching it up again.

 What’s your favourite Whole Blends scent?





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