New American Best Friend Book Review 

I might have moved on from thrillers! I’ve taken a little break from them lately but don’t worry.. I’ll be reading them again soon! 

Now, New American Best Friend… I am obsessed. I first heard of Olivia Gatwood through Facebook. I happened to come across a video of her performing her poetry and I was so moved. Guys, I was shook. She is fantastic and not only do I recommend checking out her video, you should check out her book too! 

Olivia writes about childhood, womanhood, sexuality and more. Her odes are life and I can’t wait to here and see more from her. She’s so honest and I loved reading her work. I would love to see her live if she ever came to Montreal! The passion she reads with is just inspiring. 

Her book was published by Button Poetry and you can find her videos on their Facebook page along with many others. This is a very short read and can be read in one sitting. My two favourites are ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl Says’ and ‘Ode to My Bitch Face’. 

Have you guys heard of her? Let me know if you have any book recommendations for me! 



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