Rolltation Review

I would have to say that this place is hands down one of my favourite places to get food at in Toronto. Every so often I’ll get cravings for this place, and then the next time find myself downtown I’ll typically pick it up on my way home. Rolltation has 3 soon to be 4 locations in downtown Toronto. Their main location at 207 Dundas St W is currently under renovation, but in the meantime there’s also 2291 Yonge St, 3 Carlton St, and soon 758 Yonge St.

Rolltation is know as Torontonian’s Sushi Burrito according to their website. They serve both sushi burritos and poke, and both are delicious. However, I tend to go with the poke majority of the time. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the poke because I typically only remember to take a picture once I’m about halfway through it. The first time I was there I had the classic salmon sushi burrito because it’s not every day you see sushi rolled into a burrito. I can’t stress how good it is. For some reason I get separate cravings for this place and regular sushi. Regular sushi does not curb my Rolltation cravings. Since my first time being there I feel like I’ve been about 4 other times. Three to pick up a bowl of poke on my way home and another time when I brought my sister to try a sushirrito (sushi burrito). If you’re trying to wow someone with the food in Toronto and they like sushi this is the place to bring them. Not only is it cool looking it’s also delicious.

FullSizeRender-1 4

So how much will this thing set you back $ wise? It’s about $15 after tax. I consider this to be a good price as they really don’t skimp (the burritos are always bursting) and the ingredients are so fresh!

They have 8 flavours. The one pictured is the classic salmon, and unfortunately I have no idea how the other ones are because this is the one I get every time. It’s just that good. I’m sure the other flavours are good it’s just every time I go to the counter I think about trying a new one and then I change my mind at the last second. They also have to option to build your own burrito or poke bowl, which I also haven’t tried. As I continue to go here I’m sure eventually I’ll branch out and try other flavours.

To anybody that’s been here before what’s your favourite flavour? 



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