Equate Foam Bath Review

So on Friday I really had this itch to have a bubble bath. I unfortunately do not currently have any Lush products, and I really was not in the mood to go all the way to the mall just to pick up a bath bomb. I did however have to go to Walmart to pick up a few things, so I figured I would just swing by their beauty section and see what they had in their bubble bath selection.

I had a really stressful job interview on Friday morning, so I think that’s definitely why I was so tense and why I was really craving a bath. The bath cravings were so intense that I slightly contemplated having a bath with nothing else in it just me and the bath water, but that sounded slightly sad.


Sure enough after I picked up my produce and milk (the real necessities) I walked over to Walmart’s beauty section to go see what they had. I knew I definitely wanted something fruity smelling over something floral. The least annoying scent they had was Equate Orange and Lemon Verbena, and I liked that it came in a big bottle as I feel like you have to use a lot more product to produce the bubble effect. I also really liked that this big bottle was under $5. If I remember correctly I think it was $3.97, which is a thumbs up in my opinion.

So my bath experience was pretty average. I wasn’t expecting amazing magical things to happen from the foam bath that I bought at Walmart. My expectations were met and my bath craving that night was fulfilled. I poured the bottle directly under the faucet just as the directions said and I there were definitely bubbles. The scent was nice because it wasn’t overpowering, and bonus my skin felt really moisturized afterwards without even slathering on cream afterwards

Overall it was a positive experience and I definitely don’t regret buying this bath foam to tide me over until I buy my next few bath bombs.

Besides Lush brand what are your favourite bath products?



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