October Project Pan Update 

I only have a few empties for this month but one of them is the Victoria’s secret scent I have been working on (FOR FOREVER) so I am over the moon about that! I managed to just finish it off yesterday morning so when I put a different scent on this morning it was so nice. I finished it just in time because I was starting to get sick of it. Most of the stuff I finished this time are not makeup related. I finished:

– Bath bomb

– Renewal serum

– Perfume

– Sheet mask

– Glitter glue sample

I haven’t been sleeping well and I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately so I have chosen staying in bed a little longer instead of doing my makeup. The bath bomb, mask, and serum were probably only finished because that was my attempt at a bit of self-care. The perfume is because I’ve been using it every day. We had quite a heat wave earlier so sometimes I would use a little more than usual.

I’m not getting my hopes up for next month either, exams are on their way! I do want to finish more from my big project but I think I’ll only finish a sample, and my Neutrogena Cream Cleanser for sure.

I’m swapping out the lipstick and the Smashbox lipgloss for these because I know I will wear them way more often! I think hot pink is done for the year.

I have to admit that I had two hauls this month, one at Lush and the other at Sephora. Those value sets are killing me, I want all of them! My birthday is also in two weeks so if I don’t get any beauty stuff as gifts you know I’ll be treating myself.. okay I’ll probably treat myself anyways because come on guys! I’ll definitely be getting the gift from Sephora! I think I’m going with the Tarte one.

I actually needed Lush stuff because I’m all out of bath bombs and bubble bath! Plus I wanted to try some stuff from their Halloween collection before it was all gone!

I have no noticeable progress on anything else to be honest.. I have gotten tired of the lotion scent so I’ve been using a body butter instead to take a little break from it. I might just start to rotate them so I have scent options.

I’ve reviewed the serum already and the bath bomb too (Pumpkin bath bomb). If you guys want more information abou them then you can head over to those posts! 😊

Any project suggestions for the new year? I need some ideas!



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