Juliette et Chocolat review

What better place to go to while pregnant and craving sweet? Yes a place dedicated solely to chocolate! Oh and it was raining so that helped too. 

How can a chocolate haven been negative? Most of it was just as heavenly as you can imagine except for one thing. And it was big. This was during my hot chocolate phase so you can guess my disappointment when they advertise over and over about having the best hot chocolate, and it was horrible. First of all, it was served weird and we looked a little silly asking the waitress how to drink it…but it was also too thick, got cold fast and didn’t taste very good. 

I can’t complain about anything else though. The desserts we had were to die for, and it’s making me want to go back just by looking at the pictures. 

There’s so many things on the menu that look good, we could go back over and over and never have the same thing twice. The ambience to this place is neat too, the waiters walk around with these cute little aprons and hats, the kind that make you want to work there too. 

Will definitely be going back to this place shortly, maybe for a friend date once the baby comes? 

Have you been here before? What were your thoughts on it? 



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