Yet another week and another hospital visit

So I am continuing to abuse the Aveeno shower and bath oil as it does provide temporary relief to my itchy skin. But unfortunately I can’t say it has helped because the rash has spread over my entire body. 

At my weekly doctors appointment on Tuesday, doctor didn’t seem too concerned even if I feel like I am dying. As a precaution she sent me for blood tests at the hospital. Everything came back negative and looks like I have to suffer until baby girl decides to make her appearance. I don’t know how I will survive. For the moment I am bathing and showering multiple times a day, and popping Benadryl like it’s candy (not literally.) I know pregnancy rash is common but I didn’t think it would be this bad…

On another note we had an ultrasound to see why my belly is so big. What a different experience! Baby girl is so big it’s hard to get a clear picture of her. All seems well and they were able to see lots of fat deposits which means we’re going to have a chubby baby! So chubby in fact she’s already weighing over 7 pounds! The only part they seemed concerned about was that she had a big belly compared to a normal 36 week old and that there was less amniotic fluid but nothing drastic. So once again the waiting game continues and we’ll see what the doctor has to say about my big baby next week! How we will go 4 more weeks is beyond me if she’s already so big! 

This week I am…

Weeks: 36

Cravings: I don’t even feel like eating this week, nevermind crave something. All food is meh. Never thought I would say this…

Dislikes: nothing worth noting 

Movements: I had a busy bee today and it was so nice! I love when she moves so much! But like this whole pregnancy, it is a rare occurance so I enjoy it while I can. 

Sleeping: Pfft, not only can I barely turn over, but I’m so itchy all the time that yeah I don’t sleep. Like ever. I’m lucky to get 2 hours in a row. 

Mood: It’s hard to be in a good mood when I’m so uncomfortable all the time. Oh and I don’t do well on no sleep but it could be worse! I have definitely had worse weeks! 

Anyone else have big babies early on? What did they do? 



4 thoughts on “Yet another week and another hospital visit

  1. Poor girl! I never had an skin issues while pregnant, but I used that bio oil religiously so I wouldn’t get stretch marks. It worked too until 12 hours of active labor later and now my thighs are covered in stretch marks. My books and stomach are surprisingly stretch Mark free, so I really do think that expensive oil works. I just have pushing stretch marks on my thighs and a few underneath my cesarean scar. Almost two years later, they don’t look as bad, but I think it’s because I know I tried my hardest to have Dean naturally and they are my proof to the world that I didn’t go down without a good long fight.


    1. Yeah that makes sense! I really don’t mind my stretch marks tho and I don’t have that many tbh, just around my belly button and on my hips. For now lol. Apparently there’s no way to prevent this “pregnancy rash” that I am covered in but I’m slowly finding ways to cope with it at least

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      1. The powdered Aveeno oatmeal bath comes in a box with 5 for like 10 dollars. I find it at Wal-Mart with the bath salts. You should try that if you want a tub. You could make the powder into a paste and rub it on your belly. Leave it on for 20 minutes like a mask. I do this for my dad’s itchy skin from his liver cirrhosis. It works wonders. You need to be able to sleep girl.

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