First ever mommy’s corner product review!

Surprise surprise, I have yet another thing to complain about during this long 40 week thing called pregnancy. 

Recently I started getting these tiny spider web type stretch marks around my belly button. They were very painful as it felt like the skin was stretching too much. Well this week I developed some sort of rash on top of said stretch marks. My fiancé says they look more like scabs that have formed on top of them. All I can say is they are so damn ITCHY. 

They feel like open wounds still, and burn from scratching or taking a too hot shower. I can’t take it anymore. It’s stopping me from sleeping, and I want to cry from the itchiness that I can’t get rid of. I have tried everything under the sun for some sort of relief and the only thing that worked temporarily was a cold face cloth. It has definitely gotten worse since the beginning of the week. 

Apparently I am not crazy and many pregnant woman go through this or something similar. So upon research in my many Facebook and email support groups, I came across someone that suggested an oatmeal bath. Not only did just the name of it sound soothing, I was desperate to try anything. 

I sent my mom out on a scavenger hunt and this is the only thing she could find: 

I was skeptical at first and decided to try it in a bath first. Haha silly me, my belly doesn’t even go in the bath anymore! It just sticks out. Fail. 

Instructions says in the shower to apply, rinse and pat dry, not to rub in. How odd. Well to my surprise, I came out of the shower and dun dun dun. It wasn’t burning! So far so good. It’s been a couple hours now and there’s a little itching but nothing compared to before. I will continue to shower with it for the next couple days and hopefully it all clears up soon! 

This product was fairly pricey, but if it continues to work it is definitely worth the price! 

This week I am…

Weeks: 35

Cravings: nothing crazy this week, just super thirsty! 

Dislikes: heartburn as been good this week, can’t complain. 

Movements: busy bee this week! I’m loving every single kick and head butt to the groin. 

Sleep: pfft what’s sleep? 

Anybody else go through a similar itchy situation? 



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