Everything Everything Review

Can you believe it isn’t a suspense novel?! I know, it’s crazy. I feel bad but I absolutely did not like this book. I would probably give it 2/5 stars.


Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon is a young adults novel. It’s about this girl named Maddy, an 18-year-old who can’t leave the protection of the hermetically-sealed environment within her home because of some illness. Enter Olly, the boy next door. Maddy and Olly manage to form a friendship and are willing to risk it all to be together.

Now, I don’t know if this is because I’m reading it as an adult but I just couldn’t deal with this book. It is so unrealistic to me. Like OF COURSE she falls for the boy next door and OF COURSE the caretaker lets him in. Like come on guys. He changes her life and all the typical clichees. She was fine until he came along and showed her that she wasn’t really living and now she can never be happy. I’m not feeling it.


I can’t even tell you about the ending. But it was ridiculous. I am genuinely so frustrated. Usually the movie is worse than the book and if that’s the case… I feel bad for people who paid to see it. I don’t know if I feel this way about the book because I’m reading is as an adult or maybe because I usually like thrillers and not always the typical mushy nonsense.

Did you guys like this book? Am I just getting old? 



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