Project Pan September Update 

I am happy to say that my low-buy was a no-buy this month!! I didn’t buy anything for once and I am quite pleased with myself. This no buying anything won’t last but for now I don’t care. I don’t really need anything yet so hopefully I can do it again or at least keep it to a minimum. We all know I’m going to be buying stuff near the holidays.. plus my birthday is in November so I have to treat myself! I definitely won’t be feeling as guilty about it though. 

Next up, some progress pictures. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you! There is finally some progress on a nail polish. Serious emphasis on the finally! I think I should be done the perfume in about 2 months.


I’ll probably stop using that polish for now as I think I’m going to switch to fall colours. Maybe I’ll start up a fall project polish in hopes of using some of them more.


I’ve made some slight progress on my little Sephora eye shadow trio too so hopefully that keeps moving along nicely.


Only a few empties this month but I finished more than what came in so that’s all that matters.



– Garnier Remover Wipes

– BBW hand soap

Might Repurchase:

– Glamglow Moisturizer

– Lash Domination Mascara

– Biore Strips

Not Buying again:

– Victoria’s Secret Bath bomb

– Maple Street Shower Gel


I’m slowly pushing through on finishing some stuff from my main goal.. It looks sad but I’m hoping to get through more this month. As it stands I have finished three out of twenty-six products. I need to put in some serious work! I don’t expect to finish all twenty-six but I would like to finish off at least fifteen which I think is manageable.

Are there any projects you guys are working on? 



5 thoughts on “Project Pan September Update 

  1. You’ll def hit your goals! Just don’t forget about your samples! (I always do). I like to just dedicate a weekend every once and a while to try new things in order to push through the samples!

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      1. It’s a good way to just get them out of the way honestly. I usually do one type of product at a time though…just in case I have a reaction, that way I know what it’s from. So I’ll pick a face product, a hair product, and a perfume sample for example.


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