Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask with Echinacea GreenEnvy Review


I’ve been curious to try this face mask ever since I tried Farmacy’s Sleep Tight balm. Sleep Tight is essentially step 2 to this mask. I slathered it on my face after using Honey Potion. So I got both of these the last time I cashed in my points with Sephora, and I really liked Sleep Tight but I just hadn’t gotten around to trying Honey Potion until tonight. The last few weeks I’ve been pretty busy with social gatherings and job interviews, and one of my top fears about trying new skin care products is that it won’t agree well with my face. So I definitely don’t want to be trying out any new products the night before a big interview and waking up the next morning completely broken out. This week so far is completely free, so tonight seemed like a good night to test it out.

My skin has been hating me lately. I’ve been really sick since labour day weekend and my skin care routines have for the most part been flung out the window. You know you’re sick when you have zero energy to cleanse your face before bed. So my skin to say the least is not in its best shape. Therefore tonight seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out Honey Potion.


The mask promises to nourish and revitalize the skin for a glowing and smooth complexion. This sounded exactly like the kind of pick me up my skin needed. So as per the directions I cleansed my face with my usual cleanser, and then used a bobby pin (directions say to use a spatula, but sample size doesn’t provide one) to scoop up a generous amount and spread it on my face. I did this for both cheeks, my forehead, and my chin. Then I took three fingers on each hand and used them to massage the product into my face. Instantly you’ll feel a warming sensation, and I honestly wish that I had been receiving a facial at that moment instead of giving myself one. As soon as you start massaging it in it starts to change into a cream consistency. Once that happens you leave it on your face for 10-15 minutes, and then wash it off with a warm wash cloth. Afterwards they suggest using either Sleep Tight or Rise ‘N Shine. I used Sleep Tight just because I already had it.


So after washing it off my face I didn’t notice that my skin was glowing, but I now can tell that it feels very moisturized. Maybe in the morning I’ll have a bit more of a glow. While I’m happy with my sample I probably will not purchase the full size which retails at $75.00 CAD. Maybe if I win the lottery and can afford to buy skin care products that I’ll only use every so often. I would recommend getting a sample though, so you can test out the cool warming massage effect.

What’s your go-to mask for glowing and moisturized skin?



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