Craque de Creme Review


Craque de Creme’s feature in BlogTO popped up on my Facebook newsfeed about a week ago, and I instantly got really excited. A creme brûlée cafe? A completely genius idea if you ask me. I just needed to find someone to go with… Then one of my friends texted me this week asking if I wanted to go today, and I obviously jumped at the chance. My list of food places that I want to check out in Toronto is kinda long, so anytime someone says “wanna go to [insert unique food place]?” I don’t typically say no.

Unfortunately, this week I have been battling the world’s worst head cold. I woke up feeling a lot better, but still a bit off. But I really wanted to catch up with my friend and eat creme brûlée, so I popped some cold meds and hopped on the TTC. After many delays and service interruptions I finally got there (1360 Bathurst St, Toronto).

The location is easily described as small but cute. There are three tables in front of the window, a few along the wall, and a few in the very back. It’s a seat yourself kind of place and you order at the counter to take to your table.

Now, let’s get down to the most important part. The creme brûlée flavours. There are 13 to choose from. Classic vanilla bean, honey lavender, Ferrero Rocher, white chocolate rose, mango coconut (vegan), and Lychee Vodka (boozy) are just an example of some of the flavours. I got the honey lavender one, and it was really good. It was a perfect blend of honey and lavender with the lavender not being overpowering at all. My friend got the Bourbon Butterscotch and she said it was really good too, and not too strong of a Bourbon taste.

You’re probably thinking wow those sound amazing they must cost a pretty penny, but personally I find the prices very reasonable. All flavours except the vegan and boozy ones are $5.00 and the vegan and booze filled ones are $6.00. Personally I find this a great deal considering a creme brûlée on a dessert menu at a restaurant is going to cost you a lot more.

Craque de Creme also does coffee and lattes (both cold and hot). I got a hot Matcha latte because they’re my absolute favourite, and anybody who knows me knows that I’m Matcha obsessed. My latte was delicious. Not sweet, but that’s how I like it plus the creme brûlée is sweet enough. My friend got the Rose latte, which she said she enjoyed. Craque de Creme also makes Belgian Waffles and homemade ice cream.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience here, and will definitely be returning to try a different flavour. If you’re in the Toronto area I definitely recommend checking it out!

What flavour should I try next? 



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