Lush Shampoo Bar Review


This is their cinnamon scented shampoo bar that I had recommended to me by a Lush employee. I have used it a few times and it is meant to be long lasting. They claim that you can get about 80 washes out of it and I believe it! All you do is wet your hair, then rub the bar on your hair three times, I do a pass on the right, left and right on top of my head. Then you scrub it in, as you do so it creates the lather that will cover the rest of your hair.




One thing I had a problem with though was the little piece of a cinnamon stick that is partially in it. I always used the other side and once when I wasn’t paying attention I used the cinnamon side and my hair got caught in it, which seriously sucked. So I recommend taking that out or really paying attention to that.



The fact that it is a bar makes it perfect for travelling. No chance of any leaking in your luggage and you can even keep it in your carry-on! I bought the case for it so that it wasn’t always getting hit with water which will affect the products and make it run out much faster.




I spoke to the Lush employee about using this with dyed hair and she said it actually helps preserve the hair colour (bonus!). So there is no worries with that.


Lush has so many different hair products to try, have you guys tried any of them yet? I would love to hear if anyone has tried their hot oil treatments as I haven’t just yet!




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