31 weeks and baking

I must say this week has been a good week. I don’t want to jinx myself but with all the hard days I’ve been having I have to embrace the good ones while they’re here. I’ve been keeping myself happy with hot chocolate and baking. Yes, you read that right. I have baked something new everyday this week! And no, I have not burned the house down. It is a miracle! Today’s definitely turned out the best and it was per my fiancé request. 

Iced oatmeal cookies! 

The hard part now is not eating them all…

I have not walked as much this week as I would have liked but I only needed a nap two days outta four so I’m gonna go with that as being my accomplishment for the week.  Thinking about going back to the doctors on Tuesday stresses me out but then I’m like why? Baby’s healthy, and there’s so many other things I have to stress about! 

Something funny happened at the dinner table this evening and I have been thinking about it ever since. My sister was back from college for tonight and as I was looking up pictures for her to put up in her dorm room, I started to come across the bump pictures I took at the very beginning of my pregnancy. We “oohd” and “awwed” about how cute and small my bump was until my mom said “I don’t really remember you without a belly lol.” It’s only been 7 months! 

So I started looking back at pictures from last December (seeing as I got pregnant in January) and damn! I don’t remember being that skinny either! And that’s when it hit….I will never be that person again. I might be skinny again (one day,) but my body will have beared and carried a child. I will have stretch marks to remind me of that time. I will have endured the most painful thing known to mankind. I will never have those careless evenings of getting dressed up to go out and getting stupid drunk, my mind will always be on my daughter. Do I really care if I’ll be that skinny again? Probably not, because I’ll be thinking of my daughters weight and making sure she’s healthy. It’s a crazy thought! In that tiny moment that it took to conceive a child, there went the selfish girl that wasn’t quite ready to grow up yet. 



I’ll have to do an update after baby’s born haha. 

Weeks: 31

Cravings: hot chocolate is still making me verrrryyyy happy…shhh I know it’s not good for me…

Dislikes: meh, nothing new. 

Movements: lil’ miss is running out of room and is liking less and less when I’m sitting at the table. If my belly so much as touches the table for too long she pushes it away. She also doesn’t like my boobs too much in her space (like when I’m leaning forward) but it makes me giggle. 

Sleeping: I have good days where I don’t need a nap, and the next where I can’t even stay up for more than an hour. I am starting to learn that it’s okay to have days where I sleep all day, just as long as it’s not everyday. 

Mood: baking has definitely lifted my spirts! Hopefully they continue to stay like this for a little while longer. 



2 thoughts on “31 weeks and baking

  1. I never took bump pictures, but I have pregnancy photos. I wasn’t that confident to take such bare it all photos, but you look so cute in both pictures. I kinda wish I did now, but I don’t have any regrets.


    1. I take one every week, I love seeing the evolution of it all! Thank you, and that’s okay, nothing wrong with that🤗 i was never confident enough to take pictures in my underwear before so I don’t know what changed lol

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