Givenchy Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara Review


Let me just start off by saying that never in my life would I ever imagine myself contemplating buying a $38 mascara. However, this mascara is a game changer. I got this as a sample the last time I made an online order, and I really didn’t know what to expect. I picked it because it’s Givenchy, and I figured what the heck I’ll test out a fancy designer mascara. The first time I wore it I was amazed. With my last Sephora order I actually invested in false lashes because I found that my eyelashes were never popping. But with this mascara they pop and I find that I do notice them a lot more now.

I’ve always been a drugstore mascara person especially for full sized mascaras. I do have more expensive types, but they’re all in mini sizes. As a result I definitely won’t be running to Sephora to pick up a full size anytime soon. I’ll definitely be using this sample until it completely dries up, and hopefully Sephora offers it as a sample again and I can snatch it right up again.


So this mascara is a 4 in 1. Not only does it create intense volume it also creates a strong curl, infinite length, and cares for your lashes. I also really love the brush. I find that it clumps less and really gets into the corners and coats every lash. My only concern really is it’s not waterproof. So I avoid wearing it on really hot days. I have to wait a few minutes for it to dry before spraying on my setting spray during my makeup routine. And basically crying while wearing the mascara is completely out of the question. If I do eventually purchase the full size I hope they have a waterproof version.

All in all I’m happy I decided to sample this mascara, and if Sephora ever samples it again I highly suggest checking it out!

What mascara do you use to make your eyelashes pop?



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