Best restaurant in town

Any Montrealer can tell you the go-to restaurant here is Bâton Rouge. Whether it be for a fancy anniversery, or for a good burger, this place has it all. It has everything from fish to chicken strips. It is kid friendly but has a nice romantic vibe to it. 

The only downside to this place is struggling on the decision what to eat because it is all SO DAMN GOOD. 

Brittany and I decided to go here last Sunday for a last minute dinner date and boy were we satisfied. Just looking back at the pictures we took has me drooling all over again. 

My rib plate does not do them justice. They are those types that fall off the bone and if we weren’t in a public place I would have used my hands and made a whole big mess of myself. Our entrées were pretty good as well. 

We were so full we didn’t have any room for dessert but needless to say we will be back soon! 

Anybody else been here before? Good/bad reviews to add? 



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