Hormones got me giggling

When people talk about pregnancy hormones I totally and in all honesty thought they were exaggerating. Like common really? It can’t be that bad!! Well I can finally confirm that it is indeed THAT bad. 

I thought my mood swings two weeks ago were bad…HAHA. 

This weeks meltdowns have so far included me telling my fiancé he makes me feel unattractive (seriously Julie? For anyone that knows him, he is the best and I seriously should not be complaining), me being unable to find something I wanted to eat (thank gosh no one witnessed this one), and save the best for last: FOR NOTHING AT ALL ( I’m sorry mom and sister). I honestly could say I have no idea why I was crying or what triggered it. But I was mean and it was ugly and uncalled for. 

If this gets worse I can’t imagine what the next meltdowns will consist of. 

These hormonal, and odd moments of extreme emotion leave me feeling exhausted and miserable. All I want to do is lay in bed all day. I don’t want to talk to anybody or do anything. It’s the weirdest feeling to feel such an intense emotion and out of nowhere! The poor people around me…I know I can’t just lay around all day as it isn’t good for my health or the baby’s, but quiet, sunny afternoons reading a book on the balcony have me a bit more pleasant to be around. I have also come to the conclusion that I deal better with people in smaller doses of time…not to be mean or anything but it takes a lot of energy outta me! I also will be better at keeping my mouth shut ;). 

I know the pregnancy brain, the pregnancy mouth, and the pregnancy hormones will only be getting worse within the next 10 weeks but oh man I can’t wait for the cravings to come! I can’t wait for the satisfaction of wanting food so much and then getting it… I’m sick and tired of this food making me unhappy thing. I love food and miss it so much! I will then have something else to focus on instead of the million other things roaming my mind at all times. 

Is it weird I have trouble calling my baby by her name even though we’ve picked one? It’s like I have this odd feeling I can’t place…it’s scares me a whole ton. 

This week I am…

Weeks: 29

Cravings: I wish…

Dislikes: why does food hate me so much! 

Movements: baby’s so so quiet…to the point I lay there at night and poke her just to get her moving a little. She’s starting to take up more room though and likes sticking out my left side. I like to think it’s her little bum 🙂 

Sleeping: my body doesn’t seem to like sleeping like a normal person. I see all hours of the night but can sleep all day with no problem. 

Mood: miserable doesn’t even begin to describe it. 

Someone want to help me out with the whole name thing? Please tell me I’m not crazy…



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