Let the meltdowns begin

For the last couple weeks I’ve been stressing about how tired I’ve been and kept having dizzy spells. I know it’s normal but something had been feeling off. So this months doctors appointment revealed that even though I tried really hard, I still gained way too much weight. That yes, I exaggerated my pains and don’t have an infection from my hospital visit, I tested negative for diabetes, and I do in fact have low iron. Cue in happy dance.

So this outcome should have been obvious right cause I’m not eating meat. Duuuuh. But this pregnancy brain of mine contains no more logical thinking. I’m happy though that my needing a nap after everytime I did  a small task such as eating a meal, was in fact not just my laziness. I’ve been put on supplements and hopefully the side affects aren’t as bad as the pharmacist said they could be.

Oh the joys of pregnancy. My hormones this week have me pouting and crying like a child because I can’t be in two places at the same time, or because my fiancé moved the pillow I was laying on. It’s got me rethinking all my failures, and realizing what a horrible person I am. I know I can’t change the past, but it’s how to change the future that has me so perplexed. My hormones convince me that I will wake up any night now in labor and I am no where close to being even a little prepared! I am a mess.

On a side note, I succeeded at baking a banana bread today. People who know me well will understand why this is such a big deal. I have to focus on something positive.

This week I am…

Weeks: 27

Cravings: pancakes? And still cherries.

Dislikes: I am not enjoying all these feels. I don’t deal with problems. I put them aside and deal with them later. I don’t have a later anymore.

Movements: she’s been good lately. Sitting on my bladder but I like our little private moving sessions. Even if they happen often while sitting on the toilet.

Sleeping: Having trouble falling asleep, starting to get uncomfortable. I’m not ready for this…

Mood: I don’t want to talk about it.

27 week bump cause I’m too lazy to get up and take a decent picture:

Suggestions on how to improve my mood? Or is this normal? 



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