First week of maternity leave

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I started counting down the days until I was going to be on maternity leave. I couldn’t wait. Two days before my last day, they asked me to stay three more weeks. Okay, okay. I lasted two. After our little scare last week, my fiancé and I decided it was time. So now that I’m on it, I’m struggling hard.

I’m torn between the whole I should get rest before baby comes and I should be productive. So I’ve been trying to do both but my bed is just so amazing and I’m just so tired all the time…when I say I have 3 months to go before our princess comes I think to myself I have all the time in the world to get stuff done! But then someone says 14 weeks left and I start to panic. I’m hoping to really get organized and make a plan of what should be accomplished each week and maybe that will make me feel better. At least it would be written down…

The plus side of sleeping so darn much is that I don’t think of food as often. Yes, I dream of it, but at least it’s not physically going in my mouth like it was last month. I’m looking forward to the August check up with the doctor because I really did try to eat better these last couple weeks. Eventhough I’m hungry all the time, I’m thankful that the sweet faze has finally passed. That was brutal.

Another plus of being home all the time is that you get all the time in the world to THINK. Cause who doesn’t love thinking! From the last time I had sex, to what will I do if my daughter doesn’t love me, my poor fiancé is telling me to get up and get a hobby. And I shall. I’ve found some great Pinterest ideas for the nursery and once I fail at doing them, and my fiancé comes home to me crying, at least I can say I took his advice so it’s all his fault 🙂

This week I am…

Weeks: 26

Cravings: can I crave oatmeal? Is it possible to eat too much? I really want Brie cheese…in my oatmeal…

Dislikes: I had a Big Mac but still hate meat. People say I’m using this pregnancy to my advantage. Maybe I am?

Movements: Missy has been quiet this week. She likes to make me worry to the point of having to go get checked soon and then makes a little appearance. Her kicks have been feeling different too, maybe they’re punches?

Sleeping: GOD how I love to sleep.

Mood: was stable for once. No crying for nothing…for now. Dun dun duuuun.

Suggestions on how to be productive during my time off? 



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