The Porch Toronto Review

So I finally ended up here after seeing it advertised numerous times as being the patio you have to check out in Toronto. It’s a seasonal rooftop patio with panoramic views of Toronto. Like all Toronto nightlife The Porch closes at 2, but opens at 11am. They serve brunch and apparently it’s awesome. The location is prime (250 Adelaide St W), and you’ve got a great view of the CN Tower.


My friend and I each ordered a Bulldog. I got the strawberry flavour, and because the drink is so big they put it in a sand pail (not complaining). It was delicious and fun, and I will definitely be returning. My friend and I only had one drink and then moved onto our next location, as the drinks are a little pricey, but it’s fine because they do give you a lot. Next time I’ll try some of their food, which I’ve heard good things about.

Do you have any patio recommendations in Toronto?




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