25 week update

Short post tonight as I had a rough week and am seriously in need of a nap. Had our first scare yesterday which ended up in a short hospital visit but I will post the details when we have the results of the tests because I am still a bit freaked out and the not knowing is eating me up inside.

This week I am…

Weeks: 25

Cravings: soooo many cherrieeeeees

Dislikes: no more chicken for this little. My feet have started to swell!!

Movements: ALL THE TIME. She’s kicking up a storm in my belly doesn’t matter what time of day anymore. So amazing!

Sleeping: still not complaining. Naps are my favourite thing right now.
I decided to add a catergory of…

Mood: feeling highly emotional this week. From feeling miserable to gitty in a manner of seconds and it’s throwing me off completely. Is meh a mood? Cause I’m feeling that too.

Still loving my bump and throwing in a picture whenever I can..



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