July Project Pan

What is this? On a Thursday?! I know, crazy right? I’m switching days with Julie just for this week but next time I’ll be back to the Friday!

So where should we start? My totally sad and pathetic empties sounds like a plan. Start with the worst and end with the best! I have barely been wearing makeup because it is just too hot and humid out. But luckily i have finished somethings so it could be worse. 11 is not so bad but next month I’m hoping for more!


I did make some progress on my lotion, lip gloss and spray. I know I will definitely finish these products this year. The lip gloss will probably be done first though.


I’ve decided to change things up a little bit. Instead of just going month by month, I want to set some goals for the rest of this year. I got a bunch of products together that I would love to finish, some I know I will for sure and others I’m not 100% certain yet. I think it is pretty realistic though and I’m sure I’m going to finish other random things at the same time. I feel like this will keep me motivated though and as I finish certain things, I can swap in replacements. So here is all of there together and then a bit of a breakdown in some categories.


End of year goals

I think I can make my way through them relatively well…

Unfortunately I haven’t discovered any new tricks or tips this month but I’m on the prowl for some that will help me so I can pass them on to you guys!

And now of course lets not forget the hauls! I went shopping for a friend’s birthday gift and well you know me. I couldn’t help myself! But at least that Boscia mask was free! The Creme masks are from Winners and the rest are from Sephora… My greatest weakness!


So much for that no buy right? It has become more of a low buy I guess. At least it is still less than some previous months!

Did I forget to mention my project polish? I know, I’ avoiding it. My nails are awfully brittle lately and I’m not using any for fear that they will get worse! I have been painting my toes though so here’s hoping that I will have some progress to report next month!

Any tricks on sticking to your no buy? This girl needs some help over here!



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