MAC Pro Longwear Foundation Review


So like I’ve previously said a few times, I’m not big on switching up my products. If it’s working for me then I stick with it. As seen with my other reviews lately that has been changing, and now that I think about it this foundation was actually big change number one. This is what started it all. Clearly if I can switch up my foundation brand and everything was fine then every other switch is just minor compared to this one.

I was at the MAC store with my friend, which was odd for me because I’m a Sephora person. But she wanted a new foundation and had heard good things about the Pro Longwear. We got served instantly (both times I’ve been the service has been amazing. In my opinion Sephora needs to step it up). The sales assistant that was helping my friend found her colour right away and when she tested it on her face I actually gasped (like no lie). The match to her skin tone was absolutely amazing. My friend bought after she heard me gasp. She knew that if it had that kind of effect on me then she had to get it.

Two weeks later I noticed that when I pumped the foundation that I was currently using onto my hand that it seemed like it was running out, so this time I did not go to Sephora. And this was big for me because once I went into Sephora to buy my usual brand and they were out of stock. So I told the sales assistant I couldn’t leave without a foundation because there was literally nothing left in my current bottle. So she recommended one and it looked fine in their lighting, but when I got home and wore it the next day out in daylight I realized my face looked yellow. Traumatizing experience. I returned it the next day to a different Sephora and got my regular brand.

So instead I went into MAC and found the exact colour of my skin tone. I find this amazing because they had a really hard time with this at Sephora even with their little skin tone matching machine. I was in and out of MAC with my new foundation within 15 minutes (I also bought a concealer and it’s amazing). Bonus: I saved $12 by buying this foundation. The old one was $52, which gets expensive buying it basically every 3 or so months. Pro Longwear is $40, which I think is awesome.


I’ve talked about my oily skin before, and this foundation for my skin really works. I mean I still use my setting powder and setting spray, so that definitely has an effect. But overall I am so happy I switched over to MAC for my foundation. I will not be switching to any other brand after this.

Have you ever made a big foundation brand switch? How did it go?



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