Back to the beginining 

In last weeks post I had talked about how my work schedule was changing and how tired I knew I was going to become. Well I’m 4 days in and dying. Not only am I tired, I have thrown my system completely out of whack and am back to being nauseous and throwing up. I was feeling so good there for a couple weeks! I can’t seem to keep up with eating and I’m going through that awkward phase of “ nauseous cause not eating and not eating cause nauseous”.

I know I only have two more weeks of work to go but I feel like I’ll finally get on a good schedule, feel better and BAM schedule change, start all over again. At least I’m already preparing for having a newborn, since they have no schedule at the beginning either.

I’m also going back to the phase where I’m focusing on tiny little unimportant things so that the big things are less scary. For the moment. Even though they are creeping up on me as each week passes so fast I can’t even comprehend.

I did complete two things off of the “big stuff list” though. We have finally found someone to do our maternity photos and I fell in love with someone else to do the newborn ones when she arrives. So excited! Maternity ones should be done by the end of the month.

Pregnancy update!

This week I am…

Weeks: 24

Cravings: I don’t want food in general this week. Even chocolate is giving me heartburn that’s not worth it.

Dislikes: food! Why does everything hurt so much, again! 😦

Movements: moving more during the day and higher up finally!

Sleeping: still can’t complain. I love sleep.

Side note: I’m so in love with my pregnant belly! 

Any suggestions on how to cope with schedule changes? 



2 thoughts on “Back to the beginining 

  1. So it’s regarding sleep for me (because girl, I am up repeatedly during the night), but I keep telling myself that it’s good for me because I’m being prepared for life with a newborn that is up all hours of the night, haha! Also, so sorry to hear that you are sick! Have you tried Diclegis? It was a life saver for me when it came to nausea!

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    1. Haha exactly! One way to make us feel a little more prepared 😉 I’m on diclectin 3 times a day and Zantac before each meal and they were really helping before! So hopefully it gets better soon. When are you due?🙂


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