A New Page?! What’s this all about?

It’s that time again! We are ready to expand our blog by including another new section, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. This is our Lifestyle page and we plan to include so much under here! More reviews and experiences that we have at different restaurants, hotels, activities, etc. We also plan to include things like gardening, puppy care, DIYs, and so much more!


All three of us will be writing for this section. There will be a post here on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. Today’s is just some information for you guys so you know what is to come!

We will be focusing heavily on Ontario (mainly Toronto area) as well as Quebec (mainly Montreal and surrounding areas) as that is where we are currently located. But have no fear! We have had some recent travels to Las Vegas, so there will be a few for that area. We also have two lined up for Mexico and anytime we go somewhere new we will definitely cover it!


Let us know if there is anything in those areas that you guys want to know more about. Also if there are any topics you guys want us to cover when we expand again!


Brittany & Alina & Julie

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