Balsamic Veggie Salad Review

So I found a couple of salad recipes that I wanted to try and I just ended up making my own version. I’m pretty fed-up of regular lettuce salad so if you are too this recipe is for you! There are a few variations that I would like to try next time.


I made this salad for two people and ended up having extra, the amount you put in is all up to you and your level of hunger and how many people you will be. It’s perfect for a meal or can be used as a side.

In a bowl add:

–       Halved cherry tomatoes

–       2 baby cucumbers chopped

–       1 chopped avocado

–       Squirt of lemon juice

–       Balsamic vinegar

–       Salt & pepper

–       Splash of olive oil

–       Sesame seeds

–       Halved Bocconcini cheese minis




This is the cheese I used, there are a bunch of different sizes of the same cheese so any is fine because you can just cut them up.





Like I said, use as much as you’d like and the liquids are used for taste. The lemon juice also helps the avocado from browning too much. You can leave things out or add more. Next time I make it I might add chicken to it as well as an onion. I might also switch out the cherry tomatoes for diced roma tomatoes as there will be less seeds.

There is no cooking involved and it only takes a few minutes to make so it’s perfect for a bit of a healthy energy boost after a long day. It is great for summer time and for any day you get home late and just don’t feel like cooking a full meal.

I had some left over so I ate it the next day and though the avocado browned a little bit it was alright. Make sure to store it in the fridge in a tightly sealed container. The less air in it, the better. next day


Here is how it looked the next day:







Let me know if there are any other salad recipes you recommend that aren’t your everyday, plain lettuce ones!



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