Frills and uhh yellow tutus?

So excited to finally announce that we are having a baby girl!! After much consideration and going back and forth, a 3D ultrasound was able to confirm without a doubt that there is indeed no male genital. It was an amazing experience and though I thought that it would relieve some of the stress I was feeling, it has done but the opposite. 

First things first, here’s our little princess already smiling for her mommy: 

So having a little girl involves a lot of cute dresses, bows and everything pink. Here is where I realize my high disgust for the color pink. How am I supposed to have a little princess not in the color pink?!?! And why does everything purple look gross for babies?!?! What is happening! Does your eyesight change with pregnancy as well?! 

I got over the idea of hating these colors when I realized that my child will be so darn cute it won’t matter what she’s wearing. Until….the pressure of having the perfect nursery hits again. WHAT COLOR WILL HER NURSERY BE IF NOT PINK. Cue panic attack number 10000. 

I then decide I don’t want anything to do with animals. Bye bye 80% of nursery bedding. Why do you do this to yourself Julie, why! So in order to make myself feel a little better I decide to try some American websites since Canadian ones are all animals ( no joke there’s bedding with deers on it) and figure out the rest later. Here are some that sorta got my attention: 

Notice how it’s “coral” and not pink?! 

I felt better for a span of 5 minutes because I then proceed to shop for baby items on American websites and saw all the things I will not be getting. 

Pregnancy update: 
This week I am…

Weeks: 23 

Cravings: cherries, thank god no more coffee! 

Dislikes: people. Just please stay away. 

Movements: how is she already so stubborn. Felt her kick a couple times outside, but only when I am alone or she deems necessary. Will not listen or kick when we ask her too haha. 

Sleeping: so far can not complain. Dreams have gotten better, but work schedule changes this week and I will be an exhausted mess. Fair warning. 

Anybody have suggestions for a non- pink nursery room? 



3 thoughts on “Frills and uhh yellow tutus?

  1. Lol. I never did a nursery. I lived in a one bedroom apartment, so I only had room for a nice dark finished crib, a rock a sheep, and later a bouncer and pack n play that I kept in the living room/kitchen. Never got the bedding since babies aren’t supposed to sleep with blankets and pillows. He was born during the Winter and breastfed for 14 months so we bedshared. He only used the crib for the first two weeks and I got lazy. Lol. Never had a hard time when he transferred to a crib at 12 months when I moved into a 2 bedroom house. Since I never did a nursery and he has all the toys in the world and his birthday is the day after Christmas, I’m making him a paw patrol themed bedroom now. My advice is save on the nursery and wait until she’s a bit older to choose a theme for her room. You do you though. I’m just glad I didn’t go overboard and now, can decorate his room the way he wants it.


    1. You’re lucky he was okay when you decided to stop bedsharing! I’m really nervous about it being difficult lol but yes I was looking more at the bedding for a color scheme, as I know they aren’t supposed to have blankets or pillows. Thank you so much for your advice! However, I do have the space and am looking so forward to building one. But maybe I will wait a little bit🙂

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      1. I’m not telling you not to buy anything. You can do what you like. I would have loved to have been able to afford a rocker and other furniture for his baby room. I’m saying to wait for a real “theme”. If you are financially sound to redo the room from baby to toddler with a new theme, I say go for what your heart desires. I’m a single mom, so I did what I could at the time. I’m redoing his room simply, keeping the walls white, maybe hang his name up and small wall decor, Paw patrol themed bedding and curtains, the table and chair set. The toddler bed when he gets older. The most valuable advice I have to say to you is this, ALWAYS get a second opinion if YOU think something is off. I believed the doctor when he told me my son did not have a lip or tongue tie. I went to a specialist yesterday and HE HAS BOTH! It’s affecting his speech and because of the severity and that he has teeth, he has to wait until 3 years old to be SEDATED. That is the safest age for it. I’m just so mad and angry, but mostly at myself for not trusting my instincts. I hope the baby and you are doing well! Do you have birth fears? I never had any. I never really even thought about the “end part”., lol


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