Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo & Conditioner Review


So very similar story to the last time I posted a hair care review. I do not switch up my shampoo and conditioner products. I had been using the same brand and scent for the last 4 years. Why change something if it’s working for you? Well, I decided that I wanted my hair to actually smell like something for a change instead of just your typical clean smell. There obviously isn’t anything wrong with wanting a clean smell, but I’ve always wondered whether it really was possible for hair to smell like apples, or some other kind of fruit. This is why I decided to break my typical routine and try Whole Blends Green Apple and Green Tea scent.

Unlike my fear from my last hair care post there was no fear here. I had no worries that it would effect the outcome of my curls. Worst comes to worst the bottle was lying and my hair would not smell like apples. It’s $2 cheaper than my regular bottles, so I figured what the heck and stuck them in my basket. I’ll be honest I was really excited for my next shower. Just to give an example I was so excited that I went straight for my new bottles of shampoo and conditioner instead of finishing off my almost empty bottles. Hair that will potentially smell like apples apparently has that effect on me. I did my usual shower and post shower routine, and guess what?

My hair smelt like apples! Not only that, but it also was crazy shiny just like the bottle said. I honestly felt like I was in a hair commercial with the way my hair was shinning. I’ve decided to say goodbye to my clean scent shampoo and welcome with open arms Whole Blends Shampoos and Conditioners.

Do you prefer clean or fruity scents when it comes to shampoo and conditioner?



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