Renewal Serum with Willowherb Review

I got this serum as part of a four piece gift set and I am so happy that I did! First of all, this smells so nice and makes my skin oh so soft and smooth.


I use this paired with the retexturizing mask from Origins (see my last skin care post to learn more about that). This is my usual go to quick skin care routine. Two travel friendly products make a world of difference! They are super simple to use and they are so effective.

Step one and two

So mask first and then follow up with the serum after patting your face dry.

A little goes a long way which is a must and though it is hard to see in the pictures (I took like twenty in an attempt to catch it) but there is a slight shimmer to this serum. Don’t worry, if you put this on you don’t become a disco ball. But if you look closely you can see a tiny little sparkle… I’m all for that glitter!


I was debating about repurchasing this but if I do I will be buying both as I feel like they are so much more effective together. I still have a lot left though so no worries yet! They come in two different sizes and they can be found at Sephora. The price isn’t that bad either.. especially if you can find them in a kit!

Have you guys tried this serum or any Origins products? What are your thoughts on them?






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