22 weeks and eating

At 22 weeks pregnant all I can think about is food. All I want to do is eat. At all times. All day long.

I’m going crazy. I need to plan things! I still haven’t booked maternity photos, or given my papers to the hospital. I have so much to do but I just sit here and eat. The weeks are just flying by and I’m over here like it’s cool, I have food. We’re not talking about fruits and veggies either. Oh no, baby wants chocolate and desserts ALL THE TIME.

I can’t even write a post because I’m sitting here eating mini eggs and that’s all I can think about. THEY ARE SO GOOD. And I just realized I have a cookie in my purse.

I don’t even think my pregnancy symptoms have changed within the last week because they’ve just been coated with sugar.

On another note, gender reveal is in two days and I can’t contain my excitement because I know I know!! Will be included in next week’s blog post 🙂

Anyone have any suggestions on how to eat less? Or alternatives to all the bad food? 



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