RL Healthy Workout Videos Review

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I am the type of person that refuses to go to the gym. It definitely does not bring me any joy, and it’s not because I don’t like working out but because I just can’t seem to workout in front of people solo (probably because I have no idea what I’m doing). That is why I like taking classes where I can follow along with the instructor. Back when I was a kid I took ballet class, and continued doing so on and off for 8 years, so I’m thinking my likeness towards instruction probably stems from that. Over the years I’ve also taken yoga and pilates classes, and as much as I would love to take a class right now (being jobless gives me so much free time) it’s just unfortunately not in the budget at the moment. This is why I do at home instructional videos. Occasionally I’ll do a yoga video, but mostly I do RL Healthy by Rebecca Louise on YouTube.

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Everyday I just do a combination of her videos, and call it a day. She has every kind of video that you can possibly imagine ranging from full body workouts to targeting specific body parts. I like all of her videos, but lately I’ve been hooked on her Barre workout videos. I started hearing about Barre workouts in the Spring as they grew in popularity. They have a few studios here in Toronto, but they’re so not financially friendly right now. So I specifically like her Barre Burn Workout because not only does it target legs and butt, but it also targets your core.

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Another great thing about her videos is that they’re fairly short, so it doesn’t feel like you’re dying for 30 minutes. She does have longer ones, but I tend to stick to the short ones and just do a bunch of them. When you’re doing a tricky pose or something that’s probably not the most comfortable she’s there cheering you on and telling you that there’s not that much more left. Since starting about 2 weeks ago, and doing these videos about 3-4 times per week I have noticed a significant difference in my legs and butt (yay!!). So I would totally recommend checking her videos out. They’re fun, short, and effective. Plus every so often her videos will feature her adorable dog Alfie (workout + cute fluffy dog = win win).

Are you more of a workout at home person or at the gym? 




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