Home Book Review

Another day, another book! I’ve been in a mystery, suspense, thriller mood lately so that is basically all i have been reading! I came across this book, Home, by Harlan Coben in my search for something to satisfy my mood.


It is in the view mostly threw the two lead male characters, the ones attempting to solve the mystery of a kidnapping that happened ten years ago. One of the boys makes it home but the other is still gone. Win and Myron are deeply invested in the case and so was I!

I love trying to figure out what happened while I’m reading these books. Though it is bittersweet, I love when i can figure it out before i read about it but I love it even more when I’m thrown for a loop and I can’t solve it. I wasn’t dead on with the ending to this novel but I did get a few things right.


I noticed throughout the novel that these men were also in other books as there had been references to other events that had happened. It didn’t change much in the novel so you can just go ahead and read this one if you want. But do be advised, there are more with these characters in case you want to follow them!



I would rate this book four stars out of five and would recommend it for an extremely easy read. Will i be purchasing more books to follow Myron’s character? I might get another one or two to be honest, just to see if I like them just as much! Oh and there is also a young adult series that follows his nephews story so that is an option too!




Have you guys read any of Harlan Coben’s books? Did you guys like them?



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