And the results are…

We still don’t know. Gosh, ultrasound on Monday went horribly. Don’t get me wrong, baby is healthy and perfect! I’ve just been in a horrible mood for the last while and I was reaally looking forward to finding out baby’s gender. They kept me on the table for waaaayyy too long and the tech didn’t know what she was doing. New system or something like that. So by the time she went and got someone else to confirm her suspicions on the gender, baby was fed up, turned around and sat on its feet. Mind you it was pretty darn cute to see my baby sitting like that but I was fed up, sore and discouraged by this point. 

So gender reveal has been postponed to I don’t know when. 

This has got to be by far my favourite ultrasound picture: 

I have been looking into 3D ultrasounds and talking to people about their experiences to find out gender like that instead. So far I’ve only gotten positive feedback but my fiancé isn’t too keen on the idea. In his mind we shouldn’t bother the baby if we don’t have to and there hasn’t been many studies to show the effects of it. I was upset by this at first, and after I had taken the decision and made an appointment, he exclaimed to me that he was starting to like the idea of not knowing. He said there’s a reason that the baby doesn’t want us to know. To me, baby is just being stubborn like it’s father. 

So I’m still conflicted and going back and forth between knowing and not knowing. I hate the feeling of not being prepared and I am that horrible person that hates surprises! I have a couple days to think about it and I’m hoping my mood will change by then. Everything is annoying me.

Pregnancy update! 

This week I am…

Weeks: 21 

Craving: Desserts. Any and all kinds. COFFEE. I hate coffee.

Dislikes: still not able to eat meat. God how I miss pizza. 

Movements: starting to kick harder but still only for my pleasure. 

Sleeping: lots of hours but weird dreams so still tired at all times. 

What else should I be tracking weekly? Anybody have experiences with 3D ultrasounds?



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