Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay Review

This is one of the first Origins Skin products that i have ever tried. I got it as a gift set with three of their other skin products to try out. This is just a little tube of it but a perfect tester size.

Clay mask1

I’ve never really done much masking to be honest but this product has got me on board! My face seriously feels so smooth, i’m pretty mind blown over this. Holy Grail? I think so! Until i saw that it wasn’t cruelty free so now I’m stuck.

Origins is owned by Estee Lauder and they test on animals only where required by law. Such as places like China, otherwise they claim that they don’t test on animals in other places. That bothers me though and really has me sitting on the fence because I am in LOVE.

You can get this from Sephora as either a .34oz mask for $5 CAD or you can get the 3.4oz for $32 CAD. I would get the bigger size as a little goes a long way and i feel like you would get more for your money.

Clay mask2

All you have to do is rub it on your face and there are tiny pieces that you feel working exfoliating your skin. It removes all oily areas from my faces and leaves me feeling refreshed. You rub it in, wash it off with a wet face cloth and you’re good to go. my face looks fresh and glowy afterwards so its a great pick me up.

Clay mask3

These are my main focus areas. I tend to get blackheads or just an overall dirty feeling there the most. My pores vanish and blackheads are no where to be seen for a while after using this just once.

Have you guys tried this mask? Anyone know of a similar cruelty free one?



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