June Project Pan

So this month was kind of a fail. I’m actually pretty pleased with my empties considering I had to put a full stop to most of my products. I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to something that I was using and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was going on. I kept using my bite lip products and lotions because they weren’t new to me and I knew they weren’t the problem. I started getting stuffed up and thought nothing of it but then it got to the point that my eyes and lips were swelling. One day was so bad that I missed work because my eye was so swollen I could barely see out of it. It took me a while to realize it was the perfumes! I washed all my sheets and bedding and things were looking up for me.


I was surprised to see so much wax left at the bottom of my Bath and Body Works candles but there is no wick left to burn anymore. I would repurchase everything except those perfume samples. Though I’m on a no buy so ideally there will be no beauty buy in my near future!

So this leads to my first declutter! I’m getting rid of all of my perfume samples because I’m not sure which I am allergic to and what ingredient so I am just not down to figure that out. They won’t be missed and luckily, they were all free!

So that clearly wasn’t enough of a struggle, I had to stop my project polish too! My nails are suddenly the weakest they have ever been. I never wear polish as often as I have been now so I figured that was the cause. I’ve taken a break for the past month but I am slowly going to get back at it. I won’t paint them as often but I will do them a couple of times and I have no problems with my toes so looks like I’ll be sticking mostly with pedicures.


Before moving on to my new and roll over products, I’ve learned some new tricks that I thought I would share with you guys that might be helpful! First off, I noticed that people create a weekly or sometimes monthly makeup basket. They keep their panning and everyday products separate from their other ones in order to use them more. So I now keep all of my panning products and samples together in this cute Victoria’s Secret makeup bag (yes it actually all fits in there). I love that everything is all in one place now.

I also have all of my project polish nail polishes together so they aren’t getting mixed in with my other ones.


p4Last trick I learned is my favourite one! I’ve been using a lip gloss and it just looks like there has been no progress at all which is extremely discouraging. I found out that if you give it a nice hot bath, the product with settle and you can see how much is left! All I did was fill a regular glass with hot water, I held the lip gloss in it, up to the cap line and waited about two minutes. When I first looked at it I thought nothing happened, but when I held it to the light I was able to see when the product settled and I used more than I thought I did!


Here is some more progress, the Berry Flirt lotion is moving along thankfully. Not as well as last month but better than nothing! I also made some progress on my Victoria’s Secret fragrance in Secret Escape. I included Passion Struck as well as I made a tiny dent in that… It’s not completely full anymore.


 Lastly, my next round of products to use up! Some of these are from last month of course. I know I won’t be finishing them all but some are manageable for sure. I decided on putting a stop to my eye shadow ones for the month and just using whatever I feel like because I’m pretty discouraged with that. I just need to step back, regroup, and come at with a new approach!


I’m also taking a break from lipstick and chose two lip glosses instead. I don’t really like lip glosses much (though I have several for whatever reason) and decided it’s time to use some up! Plus I can wear them with lipsticks too so it adds more variety in my choices.

I almost forgot my beauty hauls! That’s one of the best parts! Brace yourselves…

 Okay I’m done now.. I  think!

Do you guys have any tricks that you find useful? How do you hit pan on your eye shadows?



3 thoughts on “June Project Pan

  1. You can use eye shadows as highlight, brow color, contour, bronzer, and blush. You could even tap some on the lips. This is how you can use up some of your eye shadows. I always work in the center of the pan. Once I hit pan, I start working outwards. Tap off the excess before applying to the eyes. It prevents much of the fall out if you are having that problem and you use a bit more product.

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      1. Yes, concentrate on the middle and you will get there. I like to lighten up my brows with a lighter bronzy shade of light brown. Your welcome! Hopefully you find something that works for you.


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