I’m engaged!! 

Yes you read that right. I turned 23 a couple days ago and that was my “birthday present”. I won’t go into much detail about how it happened, because I’m still feeling a little guilty about pressuring him into proposing to me, as every time he asked what I wanted for my birthday I would say a ring. After we bought the ring as well, I wouldn’t shut up about how or when it was going to happen.

This was me:

Quickly, here’s how it happened. We had been talking about the idea of getting engaged recently, thinking it would put his religious family at ease. When we went shopping on Friday, and he decided to pop into some jewellery stores, it only made sense. On our way home, and even though I didn’t give him the chance to plan anything, to me, it was the most perfect, awkward, non-romantic, car proposal ever.

Later that night, after lots of tears and congratulations, I was upset that I made him propose to me in the car. He reassuringly told me that he wouldn’t have done anything he didn’t want to do but that he was upset that he didn’t get to go down on one knee. So in the pitch black and in the comfort of our bedroom, he got down on one knee and proposed to me all over again.

Even though it may not be the ideal proposal to many woman out there as there were no candles, or fancy scenery, no picture proof or long speeches, it was perfect for us and that’s all that matters. We already knew, and I’m sure everyone around us did as well, that we were already going to be together forever.

I know many people are probably judging us right now saying that we only got engaged because we are having a baby. And yes, that is what gave us the kick in the butt to finally go ahead and do it but the meaning behind a ring and the meaning behind having a child are two totally different things! I woke up the morning after finding out I was pregnant, feeling little to no different than I had the day before. Waking up being engaged on the other hand, made me feel like a whole new person, like I finally have a place in this world, that I finally know where I belong.

I was always that boring person that told everyone that if it was up to me I wouldn’t even bother getting married. I sat there unimpressed while my friends gushed over wedding dresses and decor. Now here I am, the one who can’t stop staring at her engagement ring and wondering why the hell it feels like such a big deal. I am growing a human being for crying out loud! Oh, I’m sure these pregnancy hormones are not helping my case either.

I’d love to hear your proposal stories! How did you feel after? 



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