Too Faced Melted Matte Review

I have been wanting one of these for a while now. I just never knew what colour to get. I always tend to go for the same type of colour (light pink nude), and did not disappoint myself. I bought the product in Holy Chic! yesterday. I was not going to go for some crazy colour in this instance because I was buying with the idea that I would wear it to convocation on Friday. As much as I want to stand out as I’m crossing the stage I don’t want my lips to be the main focus, so pinky nude it was.

I tested out the product this afternoon. I didn’t leave the house, but I kept it on as I drank from my water bottle and ate, and it held out! Something interesting that I noticed was that when I was putting it on it was thick like a lip gloss and it was glossy. I momentarily thought I had bought the wrong product, but magically once it dried it was instantly matte. By the end of the day my lips still looked pretty good, and they weren’t dried out. So that’s a major plus, as I find that with some matte products it has that unfortunate effect.


I’m glad I finally caved in and bought one of these, and I am excited to try out other colours like maybe Lady Balls (it’s a red). They’re only $25 CAD, so they’re definitely not going to break the bank. Overall, I’m looking forward to reaching another milestone on Friday while wearing my new lip colour.

Do you wear bold colours on your lips or are you like me who likes to play it safe? What colour should I try next from the Melted Matte collection?



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