Smashbox Double Exposure Palette Review

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette has left me a little disappointed. I saw the colours and thought “I have to have this, these are colours I will use all the time!”. Well that is not quite the case, granted the colours still look nice but some of them lack the pigments I was hoping for. It takes way more eye shadow than necessary to actually achieve a deeper colour. I shouldn’t have to apply layer after layer to get the colour that it should be.

Smashbox double exposure

The brush is interesting to say the least. It is different on both ends but the larger end is much too stiff. It makes it harder to properly blend my colours. I’m not sure if that is because it hasn’t been used much though. I do like the smaller end of the brush at least. It is angled and makes it easier to keep the lines straight for when I apply my winged eyeliner later on.

I was happy that it at least came with a mascara when I bought it so it did not feel like an entire waste of a purchase. I’m obsessed with the mascara and have repurchased it multiple times!

I don’t usually use the brush it came with at this point. I find it easier and less frustrating to just grab a different one. I have depotted this palette now in hopes that I will use it more now with my other one. I wont be repurchasing it as I can’t imagine finishing it for quite some time! Though I would still try other Smashbox eyeshadows.

I have to say that I still hold out hope for this palette, maybe it’s just me and I will eventually figure out another way to use it with better results.

If anyone has any suggestions let me know, I’m willing to try anything to love this palette! Depotting it has definitely helped at least.



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