And the fun begins…

Sooooo guess what happened to me last night?! Two days ago I had my monthly check up with the doctor and she was having trouble finding the heartbeat as baby was moving too much. She placed her hand a certain way which stopped the baby long enough for us to hear it for a few seconds.As I was sitting in bed writing a blog post about all the things I’m stressing about, I decided to see if baby would react to my touch. And sure enough! I felt a movement I hadn’t felt before.

I was still skeptical, but today, baby hasn’t stopped! I ate a lot of sweets this morning and I heard it can get a sugar rush! It’s amazing how much the little flutters change the pregnancy completely. When I was on my way to work this afternoon, I was all of a sudden highly uncomfortable. “Why is this bus going so damn fast?! Why are these people sitting so close to me?!” I am going to be such a paranoid mother.

On a second note, we are counting down the days until the next ultrasound and then the planning will commence! Gender reveal, furniture, baby room, etc., l’m getting antsy just thinking about it! Still struggling with boy names, and the stress of it consumes my mind at all times.

I have been seeing a lot of people getting others to guess what the gender may be according to the ultrasound picture so I will post it again and see what you guys think. So far most are saying it’s a boy because of my symptoms and the fact that I am carrying so high.

What do you think?! Boy or girl?! When did you start to feel them moving for the first time? 



13 thoughts on “And the fun begins…

  1. I’m due October 29 so hoping they come a little early so that it’s not a Halloween baby! Haha I can’t imagine how scary that must have been for you! Glad all turned out well and congrats🤗


  2. I say a boy, because the same thing happened to me. When are you due? I was due Dec 18th, but Dean tried coming on Thanksgiving which was scary! He ended up being born on December 26th by emergency c-section.

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  3. I say girl! I am going solely off of what popped in my head. We just did our reveal today. I’m due on Nov 5th. I’m gonna keep up with you as we embark on our journeys. Best of wishes!


      1. We had the tech write it on a paper and fold it up and tape it, and then we had a baker bake it into my dad’s birthday cake, and we surprised him with the reveal. I just wrote about it. 🙂


  4. I’m going to guess, girl. 🙂 I think we are due around the same time. I’m due Nov 19th. I just started feeling the baby for sure last week. Before that I couldn’t say whether it was definitely the baby or not. 🙂 Those kicks sure do make it so exciting!! Favorite part of pregnancy.


    1. Yay! Thank you! I’m due oct 29, so yes very close. I had a rough start to this pregnancy, so it’s finally starting to get exciting lol about time!! Do you know what you are having yet? 😁


      1. I was due with my first son on Oct 23, 2013. 🙂 I’m glad pregnancy is finally getting better for you. We found out last week at one of those elective ultrasound places that we are having our 3rd boy!! 🙂


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