Essie Millionails Treatment Review

I have really thin nails. They get wet and next thing I know they’re bending, and then they break. It’s a sad cycle. It’s probably a result from me constantly biting them down to the skin when I was a kid. Don’t even get me started about what happened when I got them done for prom six years ago. I got the gel put on them, which was fine, but the after effects once I got that stuff off was awful. My nails were the thinnest they’ve ever been and were constantly breaking. Other than regular nail polish I’ve never got my nails done since.



I picked this product up not too long ago because I have the Essie Grow Faster polish and it’s amazing. The Millionails Treatment doesn’t disappoint either. The box claims it protects against breaking, peeling, and splitting. I’ve had it on for a few days now and my nails are still in great condition. Normally when I press on the nail it tends to wiggle a bit, but not with this treatment on it. Overall, I definitely recommend, and although I won’t be running out anytime soon I will definitely repurchase when I do!

What do you use to keep your nails strong?



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