Ups-A-Daisy Bath Bomb Review

I’ve had the worst past couple of weeks so believe me when I tell you that a calming bath was a must have over here.

I have some serious love for Lush and the products that I have tried so far. I love that they don’t test on animals. All their stuff is cruelty free. Their bath bombs are my go to for sure though. I never walk out of there without at least one!

This one was part of their Mother’s Day collection of I’m not mistaken. It is the Ups-A-Daisy one, and it’s a double sided flower as you can see.

It is said to contain a sunny rosewood and orange perfume.. now I’m not sure what rosewood is supposed to smell like but this smelt citrusy and slightly floral. The flower shape was very cute but it didn’t really spin and swirl like the round ones do but that’s okay.

Ups a daisy 3

The water became a kind of a yellow, orangey colour but thankfully this one didn’t leave any sort of ring around the tub! No clean up afterwards.

Ups a daisy 4

Overall I enjoyed the bath bomb and would use it again. Though I’m not about to run to the stores in search for it either… there are others I would choose to use before going back to this one.

Have you guys tried this one? Do you know if it is part of their Mother’s Day collection?



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