Sephora Sweet Perspective The Weekender Review


So about a month ago I purchased this adorable makeup/toiletries bag. Initially it was the print that caught my eye and then I looked at what else it featured and I knew I had to have it. After all my previous makeup/toiletries bag was on its last legs, so I really was due for a new one. I finally got to test it out! (Unfortunately nowhere fancy just a trip home.)

When I first got it in the mail I was a little surprised about it’s size. It was slightly smaller than I had been envisioning, but as I was packing that proved not to be an issue. It fit all the important stuff. I did use another little makeup bag for little odds and ends and my contact lotion. Before I started to close it I said to myself that there was no way it was going to zip all the way around, but it did. So really it’s a lot bigger than you might think.


What I really like about it is the organizational aspect. One side is for makeup and one side is for toiletries (obviously you don’t have to stick to these labels, but I like to). Then in the middle there’s a section for your brushes and on the reverse side is a zippered pocket for jewelry. All in all it’s quite handy. What I really like about it is that it’s big enough to fit my makeup necessities, but small enough that I feel like I have to limit myself to just the stuff I’m actually going to use while I’m away. That’s the real selling point for me otherwise I would be lugging my big full makeup bag around and not using half the contents. Also it’s called a weekender, but I used it for a 10 day trip.

What do you use to carry your makeup while you’re away? Do you bring all your makeup or leave some at home?



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