Annabelle Gloss Stick Review

I’m actually surprised by the fact that I liked this more than I thought I would. The colour is Berry Bite and is kind of a reddish brown shimmer. As you can see it is almost finished and I think if the price is right I would repurchase it though I have no idea where I even got it in the first place… or if they even still make these!

Gloss Stick1

This is what the colour looks like, it is rather glossy but without the sticky feeling of most lip glosses. I love the fact that it goes on like a lipstick too. It’s a bit hard to see but this has tiny little glitter pieces in there that shine in the right light.

Gloss Stick2

On the downside though, when this starts to wear off the glitter stays as the rest leaves. Which would be fine with me except for the fact that it ends up feeling like I have grains of sand on my lips. It becomes pretty uncomfortable. It is easily remedied though, I either wipe it off obviously. Or I take that as my cue to reapply and then everything becomes fine again.

Overall I find that I prefer this gloss style lipstick much more than the usual lip gloss. The application is just so much easier and the final results look better too!

Have you guys tried this gloss stick before? Love it or leave it?



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