May Project Pan

It has been a bittersweet month for me in relation to beauty products. I’m proud of the amount of stuff I’ve managed to finish this month and the progress I have made on some stuff too. Not so proud of the amount of stuff that came in!

So first let’s talk nail polish and how happy I am about finishing two bottles! So pleased with that. The two on the left are finished of course, the middle polish has some progress and the two on the right are the new comers. Back to five polishes but two of them are about half done.

Here are my fabulous empties! I’m pretty proud of them to be honest. I would repurchase everything except the Amande moisturizer, the Lush Dream Wash, and the perfume samples.


I was stalking the panning community on Instagram because those women are seriously awesome at panning their products and I needed some inspiration. I saw that a lot of them kept lists with their products so I thought I would do something similar. I wrote out everything I’ve finished since February and everything I’ve bought since then. It was pretty eye opening to see how much stuff I’ve been buying without realizing. I also decided that it’s time for me to go on a no buy again for the month of June and July. I need to finish more before bringing stuff in!

Tracking Page

Here is some progress on my Avon eyeshadow palette. It doesn’t look like much but there are dips in a few colours now! I depoted this into my magnetic palette so I can keep more palettes all in one. I find it easier to get more use out of a few kinds. I’m getting tired of my ten colours so I’m going to include my Smashbox Double Exposure eyeshadows to add in some more summery colours. Hopefully that will give me some new looks and I can keep trudging through the Avon ones.

I also made some decent progress with my Bath and Body Works Berry Flirt lotion. I try to use a little on my hands everyday but I’m making headway for sure.

Lotion Progress

This is everything that I’ve bought, beauty wise, since my last Project Pan post! So many new things that I am excited about and can’t wait to try. Also way too much stuff! What is self control…?

Last but not least, my goals for this month! I almost finished my gloss stick, it will be finished in the next few days for sure. I know I won’t finish everything in the picture but there are somethings that I know will be no problem. The two Bite lip products don’t have much left so those will go. The samples will all go for sure. The rest I just hope to make some decent progress on!

Month Goals

Have you guys ever attempted to depot your eyeshadow palettes? How did it go for you?



2 thoughts on “May Project Pan

    1. I know what you mean, I watched like 10 YouTube videos and tried on an old palette with the colours I don’t really care for just in case! If you noticed in the pictures a couple of the eye shadows had some holes in them but overall the damages were small!

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