Sephora Avocado Hand Mask Review


Masks seem to be all the rage now, and I’ve been wanting to try this hand mask for a while now so during my last purchase at Sephora I decided to finally pick it up. I didn’t have 100% faith in it after the lip mask, but I definitely didn’t see it doing more harm than good. My hands have been exceptionally dry this past winter and so far this spring, so I was really hoping that this mask would help restore some life back into them.

So the directions on the packaging are quite straight forward, and the gloves are labeled what glove goes on what hand. I would highly recommend taking both stickers off the gloves before putting them on though. Other then that my first hand mask experience went rather smoothly. The mask does not smell like avocados so if you hate avocados you’re safe, but honestly who hates avocados? The moisturizing product actually smells strongly of sunscreen, so I kinda wish the mask smelt like avocados. Also the gloves are very big. It’s definitely a one size fits all type of scenario, but as you can see in the picture I have very small hands so they are huge on me. I honestly felt like I was channeling my inner Minnie Mouse while wearing the mask.


The directions say to leave the gloves on for 15 minutes, but like the lip mask I left it on for longer. Once I did take them off though I was left with a lot of the excess product on my hands, so I just rubbed it all into my hands and let them air dry for a few. It’s been about an hour since I’ve taken them off and they definitely feel a lot softer and my dry spots have disappeared. I don’t know how long the effects of the mask are supposed to last, but hopefully they last a few days at least. As it stands now I would definitely reconsider repurchasing this product.

Have you ever tried a hand mask? What was your experience like? 




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