Over and Over Lush Bath Bomb Review

My skin has come back to life! My schedule has changed yet again, I’ve been sick again and did I mention my teething puppy? Ouch. Needless to say I haven’t been taking care of myself as much as I should be so I figured I’d give this bath bomb a shot. If it didn’t do anything for me well at least I would have some down time.

Bath bomb

This bath bomb, Over and Over, is amazing!! I’m so disappointed that it is seasonal, if I would have known at the time of purchase, I would have bought a bunch more. The orange part is all cocoa butter so my skin was so soft afterwards. It stayed moisturized for a couple of days and felt fantastic!

Over and Over water

I was disappointed by the orange ring that was left in the bathtub when I drained the water. I got it off by using a clean facecloth after running it under clean, clear water so at least it comes off easily. It was annoying to do after relaxing but still worth the hassle.

This is an energizing one made with lime and fennel. They are used to help wake you up. I didn’t necessarily feel awake but I definitely did feel refreshed which I was pleased about.

This bath bomb is completely vegan and has a wonderful citrusy smell. It isn’t overwhelming which is a bonus. The colours are gorgeous and made me think of a lava lamp. The picture doesn’t do it justice though, the water was a much deeper orangey colour and looked so nice.

Over and Over water 2

Needless to say, if I come across this Lush bath bomb again I’m buying multiples!!

Have you guys used this one? Any recommendations for a similar one?



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